Learn Quran Online With Tajweed

So why is it so important in Islam to learn Quran with Tajweed? What does it mean in the lives of children when they get a perfect teacher to learn Quran with tajweed online? Quran is the true word of allah and the meanings it carries are unmatchable with any other book in the world. Quran has a very deep meaning hidden in the verses of the holy book; the sublime language of Quran makes it a unique set of verses and surahs in the world of spirituality and wisdom. Because Allah is a higher being, he uses his favorite lanage for teaching quran to his prophet SAW, the Arabic.

Quran is not written in a style of poetry, it is rather explained in a story telling manner which requires the right way to reciting the book to understand the deepr meanings. Kids are young and immature, they cannot truly understand the quran and its meanings unless they are helped by an experienced and competent tajweed Quran online teacher. That is the reason the recitation of Quran is necessary for kids to be with tajweed.

“Those to whom We gave the Book recite it as it should be recited, they are the ones that believe therein.” (2:121)

Learn Quran with Tajweed with Asho Academy Quran teachers

Learn Quran with tajweed with Asho Academy Quran teachers who make tajweed easy for children to learn in Arabic. Our teachers are well versed in Arabic language and they can translate it into English or Urdu for the Muslim children around the world. Most children at young age do not have competency to translate Arabic words into their own language, the Asho Academy is purpose built company online to help your kids learn Quran online with tajweed.
• Arabic sounds are different from other languages like French, Spanish and English, kids should be able to pronounce the words exactly in the Arabic lanaguge, the languge of Quran.
• When Muslim children recite Quran with tajweed, they affirm that Allah is the highest authority and they are bound to obey his commands throughout his life.
• The message quran gives is obvious, the message is for humanity who should recite it the way prophet Muhammad used to recite, in perfect Arabic language.
• Reciting the quran in an improper manner is not a good deed or a practice children should adopt. They must focus on tajweed.
• It is always ok to ask a teacher if you cannot understand the Quran in Arabic or pronounce it well. Our teachers are the best who treat your children like their own.
• Simply learn to read Arabic does not guarantee that Quran will be comprehended by children in the perfect way; tajweed is the essential learning proess for kids.
Tawjeed Quran online by Asho Academy Quran tutors is the right way to understand meaning of Quran. Reciting Quran in fast speed and eradicating fear or learning Arabic starts with hiring the Asho Academy online Quran teachers. Make the right move for a blessed future of your child and make Allah proud of you.