Why Need Quran Academy?

To worship Allah is the prime responsibility of a Muslim to demonstrate their faith and strengthen their belief in him. Doing good deeds is a most important trait of a good Muslim out of which, reading Quran with deep devotion and understanding its meaning is the highest deed to seek Allah’s pleasure. Why your child needs a Quran Academy? Because the knowledgeable Quran teaching professionals deliver you the best services honestly and shape the minds of your children to read the Quran as they should. Allah will reward your children and us if they act like true servants of Allah.

The Attachment of Kids With Quran

As we know that Quran is a holy book of Allah that is the message of truth forever Muslim. The attachment of Quran with kids bring them closer to their creator Allah who is the Lord of all creation, the most merciful and generous. Allah has taught human beings something that they did not know at first, people learn this from hadith that is derived from the teachings of Quran that “the best person among al of us is who learns Quran and teaches it to others as well”.

The importance of Quran for kids can be learned through a myriad of examples set by the holy prophet peace be upon him. For example, reading Surah Mulk every night will save the people from the grave punishment which is proven by the sunnah of Prophet Muhammad SAW, who daily used to recite this surah before going to sleep. Moreover, the very first surah Al-Fatah is considered as a shifa or cure for a number of illnesses plaguing children in the world.

The Holy Quran

For Allah SWT, the holy Quran is the divine book of wisdom which provides a complete code of conduct to not only for adults but also for kids. A person whether old or big must follow the code of Islam and consider it as a necessary education that is meant to benefit the world of Muslims. In other words, the holy Quran is mandatory for every Muslim whether young or old. It is the highly ethical code of learning as compared to Bible or other holy books which is in its original form. Therefore learning Quran is a beneficial process which is worth doing in any age for both genders.
Quran for kids is a very noble thing, the most desirable action and an order of God necessary for every Muslim girl and boy. Quran for children is a blessing which gives them knowledge of all aspects of life and helps them think about their creator in the early age. When they think of their creator, it invokes the power in them to raise the level of intelligence and explore the spirituality which has rewards in both worlds. On the Day of Judgment, the parents and children will both benefit from this act of teaching Quran for kids.

Significance of Quran Teaching

Quran is the ultimate source of knowledge for all human beings; anyone who teaches Quran effectively is performing a huge task to bless the mankind. Our Quran teachers for kids at Asho Academy are the best in their knowledge who show kids why practical implementation of Quran is important. Quran is taught in a non-traditional way with the aid of modern sophisticated technology that is more exciting for kids. Online Quran tutoring is the most productive way in the modern world of technology to teach Quran to masses. Our tutors give assurance that your beloved children are given the best guidance and Islamic spirit to help them grow up spiritually.

Quran Teacher Etiquettes to Children, the Quran For Kids is Soul Nourishing

The at of the prophet Muhammad SAW is a forever ingredient for know. Hundreds of sahaba R.A followed the tradition of the prophet Muhammad and taught their kids the holy Quran, why? Revising and memorizing Quran helps to build the best etiquettes in kids because they save their lives from sins in the young age after acquiring the Quranic knowledge and wisdom. It is therefore made compulsory for us and our kids to learn it and impart to others.

  • Cleanliness is a huge part of Islam, the Quran recitation teaches to be in Wudu (ablution) while reciting it; these way children remain clean from any dirt and impurities.
  • Quran teaches great etiquettes to kids when they learn it and then try to correct the mistakes of others.
  • They learn Quran from teachers who have proficient knowledge of Quran so they can better understand every little detail.

That is where the Asho Quran Academy shines its light on the children to show them the right path to learn the Quran in the most efficient way. We have the Quran teachers for kids who are experts in helping the children around the world; we instill the desire of Islam and Quran in kids who become more and more eager to learn about Islam. They gain more information on how prophet Muhammad became a blessing for all people and worlds and what are best advice Quran gives to people for living the rightful life on earth.

The following ayah from Quran says it all itself:

“And who believe in that which is revealed unto thee (Muhammad) and that which was revealed before thee…” (2:4)

A significant population of Muslim living in foreign countries can benefit from our Quran tutors who can better help your kids to understand the Islamic foundations. In a world full of chaos, the Quran teachings have never been more important to solve the spiritual dilemmas of mankind. The glorious teachings of Quran are most important task for the children and their siblings