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Adjustable Time Table

Students can take Quran classes at anytime anywhere; they don’t need to put aside their busy schedule or school activities and learn Quran at fixed hours with us. We make your learning experience unforgettable and convenient.

Multi-Lingual Teaching Support

For learning Quran, the language is no barrier for the professional tutors of Asho Academy. We are experts in communicating and teaching Quran to our students in Arabic, English, Urdu and even Punjabi, languages so that cross border communication could become no problem. Whether you are from Asian or Arabic backgrounds, we handle each student individually.

Latest Tools and Technologies

At Asho Academy, the tutors are expert in making the best use of technology for the benefit of our clients. We use the cutting edge software tools and video streaming technologies to make yoru Quran learning more exciting and fruitful. With multi-audio system, holy book becomes more exciting to learn interactively.

Individual Attention to Each Student

Whether you are a group of students learning Quran from our learned professionals or individual student, we provide individual attention to each student during lecture delivery and Quran Classes. Our strategic approach is to focus on the weaknesses of each student and help them overcome their problems in understanding and learning Quran. For that, no single student is given preference on any bias.

Online Quran Recitation Made Easy

Asho Academy makes the online Quran recitation and reading convenient and easy for our clients. When students do not know how to read Quran with correct pronunciation, the meanings of Quran can never be clear to them. With our expert tutors, the students can learn the correct method to recite Quran without alerting its meaning or pronunciation. What good is the holy message of God if it is not recited correctly?

Why You Need a Quran and Tajweed Tutor?

We are an unconventional and non-traditional Quran learning academy who focus on client satisfaction and guarantee quality learning services to boost the knowledge of learners. We first offer you trial classes free of cost, then you can go ahead and start a full course with Asho Academy to make our divine creator happy. Asho Academy has the vision to transform the lives of people across borders and teach them the secrets of success in this world and the next one.

Learn Quran Online With Tajweed

We feel that it is a moral and religious obligation of Muslims like us to spark the fire inside every Muslim to learn the teachings and true message of Quran thorough our best teaching and tools. That is the only way to understand the messages of Allah who is talking to us through the Quran and telling us to choose the right path between right and wrong. The holy book is a gift of God from the heavens that Muslims must not forsake for their own salvation. Therefore we sincerely and cordially invite you to Asho Academy to start the noble act of learning Quran from the comfort of your home; all you need is an internet connection and a computer, laptop or a gadget to take advantage of Live Quran Tutor’s teachings.


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The Program Includes:

Quran Teaching Program is comprehensive for every student to learn the blessings of God.

  • The course introduction includes the basic principles of Islam and Quran including the Quran reading for the first time.
  • The online tutors provide genuine assistance in reading and reciting Quran.
  • To fully comprehend and grasp the ideology behind Quran and divine messages of Allah, the knowledgeable tutors of Islam give in-depth details of each chapter.
  • Lectures on the Islamic ideology and religious beliefs.
  • Complete memorization assistance of Quran (the whole 30 paras)

Our Services

Asho Academy is your one stop shop for learning Quran in the global technological world to refine your ethical values and learn the divine principles and ideologies of Islam. The investment of today in Quran will benefit your child tomorrow in this world and hereafter.

Basic Quran Qaida

Before your kids learn Quran they need to learn & pronounce basic Arabic Alphabets, basic rules and symbols.

Quran with Tajweed

We not only focus on Quran teaching but our focus is to teach is correct pronunciation and proper meanings.


We help kids & adults to take Quran to heart by memorizing Quran and it's Surah and verses.

Quran Translation

If you'd like to learn Quran with translation to understand the message of Allah then we will help you in learning that.

Quran with Tafseer

If you want to learn the Quran in detail with Tafseer then we have trained Tafseer specialist to help you learning Quran with Tafseer.


If you want to read Quran in a pleasant manner then you need to learn Qirat and you can become Qari (Read Quran in beautiful way)