Internet made it very easy to connect with someone around the world and make it seems if someone is sitting besides you. The idea of Online Quran Learning Academy is same where you can take virtual Quran class that seems like person sitting next to you is teaching you through the use of internet and technology.

You can simply contact us to get started and we will setup everything for you. We will setup virtual class timing and get started on it right away. Our tech team will help you in setting up your skype and computer.

You need a computer or mobile with internet enabled and The Teacher and The Students can share screen on skype or IMO or Whatsapp. All you need is a headset and it will be like you are listening to someone with proper attention. Teachers can listen and teach Quran and correct mistakes on the fly so really it's like one-to-one meeting.

We have trained staff/teachers and we select teachers through a proper process before they start teaching. We have our own space where teachers will come and teach students. Teachers are qualified with professional Islamic Degrees from registered Madrasas in Pakistan.

We also do surveys to measure the performance of teachers to make it better and better every day. This process makes sure we are deploying right teach staff for our Students.

Our experience finds it very useful and infact 90% of our students says this is the best service we are getting with a fraction of the cost.

We have multiple offices in Pakistan in Lahore and Sargodha.

Our Technical team is always online to help and set the basic installation of conference software like Skype. It will take only few mins to get started. So you don't need to worry about technical stuff you just need internet and a device like computer, laptop or mobile and rest we will handle.

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